Who make satan??story of satan…

This is the story…Allah with his Geenee of Jibril as his companion or angelica…this is my quran verse..

Aku tidak menghadirkan mereka (iblis dan anak cucunya) untuk menyaksikan penciptaan langit dan bumi dan tidak (pula) penciptaan diri mereka sendiri; dan tidaklah Aku mengambil orang-orang yang menyesatkan itu sebagai penolong.(QS 18:51)

translate…I (Allah) will never exist them(satan and their descendant) to watch the beginning of the sky and earth and wont also their create their existance by their own; and I (Allah) shall never not take anybody who have bee curse by ME (Allaah)as their savior…

they told me that Ifrit from Fire, there is Suijin water,Sanga thunder satan,and kazezin(satan of air),Diablos(satan from sunia)…

there is Panca Satan…catur is four, satan is evil…

They acctually serve Allah ta’ala…And God told them too to make people confuse so they can be punished by them as a reward from GOD…

Origin of satan is Allah him self….now we know that God send Angel and Demon to make the world moving..is like Yin and Yang..Purusha Pradana…

Allah take JIBRIL to have a necromancer thing to Generate all of satan idea….
when we cannot respect the Earth, than satan will punish them by earthquake, tsunami…now should you not make an offering,if you not….hope Allah shall mercy you….

assaduana illahaillah
assadunana muhammad da rassul Allah…
Allah hwakbar laiilahailalah…


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